Make your own Assembler simulator in JavaScript (Part 2)

In part 1 we did create the CPU. In the second and final part, we gonna focus on the memory, console output, assembler and the UI. The memory We will use a simple array to represent the memory. Each slot contains a JavaScript numeric value. So, in theory, the memory can hold values bigger than a byte but our CPU code will make sure all values are between 0-255. The memory has three functions. Load…

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Make your own Assembler simulator in JavaScript (Part 1)

I always enjoy developing in assembler because it is fairly simple to learn, each command does exactly one thing and thus gives a good insight on how a computer operates. Nevertheless, it is possible to make sophisticated software and there is the problem of developing in assembler. It can get complicated very quickly. The goal of this blog post is to create a simple simulator which is able to ass…

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